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FAQ & Rules

FAQ & Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do online entries close?

A. Thursday 2nd November 2017 midnight 

Q. Where can I collect my registration pack?
A. Registration is located at the Retired Gun Range – please see schedule for registration times.

Q. Can I enter on the day?
A. Yes, there will be a late fee of $20 for adults events. Pup Dash event on-day entries will not receive a late fee.

Q. Is camping available Friday and Saturday nights?
A. Yes, please pay the appropriate camp fees when entering through the registration portal..

Q. Can I ride at Spicers Hidden Vale before the 99 Bikes Dingo?
A. Yes. Hidden Vale Adventure Park offers day access for $10. See the Trailhead crew to sign in and pick up your trail map.

Q. Can we ride the trails outside of our event times during the event weekend?

A. For the safety of all participants the Park is closed and only those riders entered in the selected events that are in progress are permitted to be on the property roads and trails.

Q. So how do I get to Spicers Hidden Vale?
A. Spicers Hidden Vale is just 55 minutes drive from Brisbane. Follow the signs to Ipswich, then the Warrego Hwy, then all directions to Rosewood and Grandchester.

Q. Can we have a fire or cook with fire?

A. Yes, please see fire conditions here:

Q. Are we allowed to bring pets to the event?

A. We have a very strict no domestic animal policy. Hidden Vale Adventure Park is a nature refuge.

Q. If we are competing in the Dingo Enduro, do we require Full-Face helmets and Body Protection?

A. Wearing Full-Face helmets and body protection attire will be at the riders discretion.  Neither are event requirements.

Q. Do we need an MTBA or race license?

A. No, we do not require MTBA or race licenses. However, waivers will be required to be signed prior to the start of your event. Personal accident insurance is your responsibility.


The race organisers reserve the right to change any rules and regulations at any time to provide fair and safe riding and running conditions.  Any changes to rules and regulations will be announced at a race briefing prior to race start.

Dingo Duo Race Base:

Race base for the weekend.
Hidden Vale Adventure Park – Retired Gun Range: 617 Grandchester Mount Mort Rd, Grandchester.


Camping is available on the Friday night and Saturday night at the race base location. There will be toilets and showers available from Friday through to Sunday afternoon.

If you wish to camp but have not yet paid, please see attendant or registration team to arrange payment. No pets allowed as this is a working farm and nature refuge.

Car parking:

If you are only coming out for the day and have not booked camping, please follow all markings, signs and marshal directions to the designated car parking areas. Please ensure that when parking, your car does not obstruct other vehicles, and that all other cars around you will be able to move and leave the parking area with ease.


Toilets and Showers will be available for campers, competitors and spectators. Please note that limited water will be available and we recommend bringing enough drinking water for the weekend.

Food and drinks:

Jungle bean coffee van will be serving up our favourite caffeine fuelled beverages, as well as delicious non-caffeinated drinks for those who are already full of beans!

There will be a BBQ available from 8am throughout the day started with sizzling treats ranges from bacon and eggs, to sausages and steakette sandwiches.

A range of cold drinks and water will also be for sale.

Please note that EFTPOS is not available, so make sure you bring cash on the day to keep yourself full and hydrated!

Refreshments & Marshalled Areas:

There will be 1 refreshment point for the 5km trail run.

During the MTB ride, there will be refreshments and marshalls at the Skills Park (6.5km* & 15.5km*), Dinner Camp (9km*, 23.5km* & 30km*), then again at the top of grinder at 26km*

*(approximate distances and subject to change along with course)

Please ensure you plan and bring enough water with you to last through your event, so that the water on course is for your back up only.

Checkpoint areas are part of the course. All riders will pass through them during the race. Please keep the traffic flow area clear. Checkpoints may be manned or unmanned, but all will have access to a radio to reach race HQ if needed.


Our MTB mechanic of choice, Sheryl, will be on site and ready to lend a hand for all your MTB queries and fix-its!


The age for age-based categories is the rider’s age on either 4th or 5th November 2017. A competitor can only enter one category in the race. A competitor cannot change entry category once the race has started.

The course:

The course will be marked by arrows, signs and bunting. Riders and runners must follow the course and it is the sole responsibility of the competitor to stay on the course. A competitor who leaves the course for any reason must return to that same point on the course to resume the race.

Pup Dash run leg turn around point and Pup Dash MTB ride leg laps

For children competing in the pup dash, the run leg will feature a ‘turn around’ point at the half way point for each grade distance (.5km, 1km and 1.5km). On returning from their run, children will then take their bike and complete their designated number of laps on the 2km MTB course (1 lap, 2 laps or 3 laps).

Course markings:

Green arrows – dingo dash trail run/ dingo duo trail run leg 1 and leg 3.

Red arrows – dingo howl mtb ride/ dingo duo mtb ride leg 2/ pup dash mtb leg.

Double down arrows – exercise caution!

Race & safety briefing:

A race & safety briefing will be held at race base HQ at 0805hrs for the pup dash, 0935hrs for the dingo dash and dingo duo, then at 0950hrs for the dingo howl.

A race & safety briefing will be held at race base HQ at 0750hrs for the dingo enduro.

Please ensure you are present for your event briefing – whether you are competing solo or in a team – as important and up-to-date information and safety messages for your event will be covered during this time.

Race officials and marshals:

Riders, runners and support crew/non-competitors must obey the directions of race officials and marshals at all times.


International standards approved bicycle helmets must be worn at all times while riding a bike during competition and practice.  Dingo Enduro riders are not required to wear full-face helmets, and wearing body protection items will be at riders discretion.

Attaching your bike or bib number plate:

Attach your bike number to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that can be easily seen from the front. Your number should be in front of the brake cables and not wrapped around any part of the bike. The number cannot be altered, obscured, cut or de-faced. Solo and team riders will receive 1 front bike plate. Riders will each have specific number ranges and colours to easily identify on course.

Bib plates for the dingo dash and dingo duo are to be securely fastened to the front of the competitors top using the provided safety pins (or suitable alternate), ensuring that it can easily be seen from the front. The number cannot be altered, obscured, cut or de-faced. Solo and team runners will receive 1 bib plate. Runners will each have specific number ranges and colours to easily identify on course.

Withdrawing from the race:

Riders and runners may withdraw from the race at any time. If they choose to withdraw, they must notify the event staff at the timing tent. A rider who withdraws is not allowed to rejoin or resume the race. They must remove their race numbers and cannot ride/run on the course for the remainder of the event.

Medical assistance:

General first aid care during the race is provided by our medical team. If you are injured and assisted back to the event centre, then your result will not be recorded. Following treatment, the race organiser will make a decision on whether you are allowed to continue the race, based on available medical advice.

Mechanical assistance:

Mechanical assistance during the race (repair and material) can be provided from other riders entered in the race while on-course however there is no obligation on a rider to help another rider. If you have a mechanical, continue to walk your bike along the course to the next marshal for assistance. If you shortcut the course to return to the start/finish or are assisted back to the start/finish, then your result will not be recorded, please notify the staff at the timing tent.


Times will be recorded via electronic timing tags, with all events using a race plate or bib plate transponder.

To have race times recorded, competitors must be wearing designated timing transponder from race start through to race finish. Number plates must be attached to the front of bike and must be visible for backup recording at race finish. Bib plates must be attached firmly with provided safety pins to the front of the competitor’s shirt. Duo teams will be provided with two plates – one bike plate and one bib plate. The first and third leg competitors will use the same bib plate, so will have to re-attach to the third leg competitor on completion of the first event leg.

No transponder – no time


Results will be published live throughout your race, as you pass over the timing mats. The link to these live results will be published via a link at the top menu on the Dingo website, on the Hidden Vale Adventure Park Facebook page, and the Timing Results Facebook page.

Podium presentations:

Saturday: The presentations and awards for the pup dash will be held at 1010 hrs. The presentations and awards for the dingo dash will be held at 1100 hrs.  The presentations and awards for the dingo duo and dingo howl will be held at 1400 hrs.

Sunday: The presentations and awards for the dingo enduro will be held at 1300 hrs.


Riders walking their bikes must give way to a rider who is riding. If you are walking your bike, make sure you leave plenty of room for those riding to pass. The rider being overtaken has the right of way (unless they are walking their bike) until the overtaking rider is past and clear by one bike length. If you want to pass the rider in front on single track, call out “track”. When the rider in front feels it is safe to pass, they will pull over to one side and call “pass”. They may also call out “on my left / on my right”. Let the rider in front know what you are doing by calling “on your left / on your right”. If there will be more than one rider passing, let the rider in front know that as you pass them by calling, for example, “two more coming through”. If you do not make this call, the rider in front will assume you have decided not to pass and will return to the centre of the track. The rider in front is under no obligation to let you pass, but slower riders and lapped riders should not delay faster riders unless it is unsafe to let them pass. Remember, if you are the overtaking rider, the conditions you feel are safe may not be considered safe by the rider you want to overtake. They may be less experienced than you, or they may have seen something on the track that you have not. Overtaking is not allowed on bridges or constructed ramps.